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Rebecca β€œReb” Lomuto has a broad history of work in the arts; from her undergraduate studies in photography (SUNY Purchase, 2013) to her current studio practice, based at the Yards in Rochester, NY; she has never stopped learning and creating. The joy that art brings her is a strong influence on her general mission to promote accessibility to the arts for all. As a founding member of Politits: Art Coalition, she finds that she works best as a conduit to resources for her community, with a special focus on the promotion of LGBTQ+ artists.

Her commitment to community involvement takes shape in many forms, from educator to organizer. Acting as the media and public relations assistant at the Genesee Valley Council on the Arts, she is working to build a bridge for resources between Monroe and Livingston counties through strategic marketing and maintaining an open line of communication.

When choosing venues to host her workshops in bookbinding, natural dyes and printmaking, Rebecca chooses venues that have affordable options for the public. She also curates free First Friday exhibits for NORCHAR and Haus Capital on Park Ave to promote artists at different stages of their careers.

As a conceptual artist, Rebecca is fascinated with stretching the limits in traditional media. She likes to think that her work lies somewhere between the dark and dusty corners of her mind and the bright afternoon light on plants in her studio. Often dealing with the concept of fabricated truths, she pulls from spotty memories based in personal trauma, relying on process-heavy mediums. Experimental mark-making is a strong focus of hers, as she finds its description most telling of some of the rawest experiences she draws from. Her work takes material form in alternative process photographs, etchings, performance, drawings and installations

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